Welcome to the education on distance, which means that the client receives written material on a personal email that he/she provide when creating of the Personal Account (with the password and pin code number). This Personal Account (PA) is created for the purpose of learning of the theory concerning web and Internet materials. Time period of education for Syllabus Ayurveda therapist is divided by the proportion of 800:800 (credit points) which means that every month student has to pay 100€ per education bill (The theoretical material which is granted in these 10 questions is equal to 100 credit points). In this education process student is given 10 questions on which he/she has to answer within it must respond within a period of at least 3 days to 15 days, the last deadline. Student is provided with the help of his/her mentor in this inquiry based on the CV that student submitted earlier, by which the goal of the education is being set for the specific field of the Ayurveda knowledge that is chosen to be studied upon in this education program.
Upon completion of 800 credit points, the student (purchaser of education program) receives the Diploma. For the quality of learning and working in Ayurveda, the student also receives a Certificate from which you can see his practical work and accompaniment of mentor's work with the clients that student attended. In such a way of learning, it is allowed for the student to gain much better understanding of data and better memory flow of therapeutic work. Practical knowledge has to be taken for at least 50 hours that could be done by the student in his/her own work-space in his own country (hosted by Professor/Mentor of Ayurveda from India); or at the Centre of Ayur Ashram in India in lasting of 60 days by the appointment between mentor and student. The education for Certificate costs wear out for accommodation in India (for a food and stay ...) while mentoring work amounts 20€ per day.
In receiving practical knowledge by the student in their own work-space in his own country (hosted by Professor/Mentor of Ayurveda) all transportation and accommodation costs and mentoring per day of learning are paid. Likewise, within the framework of education - student can organize (free) thematic lectures in different Ayurvedic themes, which can be held in their surroundings, in the city or state, that can raise people's awareness of how to improve their health. The agreed Ayurvedic themes are all performed by an authorized expert of the Ayur Ashram Centre’s/Dr. Gupta in cooperation and with the help of the student. Through practical training, the student is led to acquire and develop a sense for people, which is the basis of Ayurvedic therapeutic work. It is also important that the student receives a kind of reward from the raising of awareness of his personal creative growth through which he/she achieves inner satisfaction.
Education program for Syllabus Ayurvedic practitioner Panchakarma is in the proportion of 1000:1000, (credit points) i.e. the program of theory and practical learning is the same as for the learning for Syllabus Ayurveda therapist with the addition of 100 hours of practical lesson. For admission or introducing to this study (B.A.M.S.), it is not logical that we describe it here until the actual student shows up that he/she is able to perform his/hers physical and practical learning or work through these two lessons, which we briefly described here. And the student him/herself must be aware that the learning process is demanding and that he/she must be able to complete their practical training in India with a certain Mentor and at the Institution that has been confirmed by the Consortium of professional activity in accordance with AYUSH norms.
It is necessary before opening of a Personal Account (with a password and pin code), to submit a biography (CV) via email info@ayur-ashram.in with a scanned personal photograph in 3.5 x 4.5 cm format for creating a diary (portfolio) of the student. This photo will be later put and taken in producing of the Diploma and Certificate for the student.
Education or training that is provided within Ayur Ashram is intended for everyone that are involved in some kind of therapeutic work, but would like to become familiar with the traditional Ayurvedic approach in their work. In that group would be counted: masseurs, ayurveda practitioner, physiotherapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, yoga instructors, nutritionists, medical staff / technicians, doctors, psychologists, etc. Therefore it is essential for students to upgrade or combine their knowledge through theory and practice "into one package", that should be managed by the agreement with the Mentor by the time of delivery of Diploma and Certificate. The goal of education and training is determined by the student and education provider (Mentor) during the first Internet interview in which they agree about what type of missions they would work upon after gaining of "Diploma and Certificate" - whether it would be as an independent therapist or working in an environments such as: Hospitals, Spa Centre’s & Hotels, Salons for Massage (service for the body and soul) ;some other types of works as: healing and tourism, counselling for psychosomatic health issues, nutrition, etc.; or would it just simply be an certain upgrading of his/her own therapeutic work-life that they already established. Especially welcome are all those who want to start the "first time" on a therapeutic way of learning - without experience in education "into one package” knowledge through theory and practice.
While you use our Education Web site and during our interaction, we may collect an information about you, including your personal data for identification, such as: name, surname, your address, phone number, e-mail, telephone number, your Skype profile name, name on your social media ... your account information or card number that is used for paying this education program. If we associate some other data with your personal data, they will be also considered as personal data, i.e. number of enrollment portfolio, number of Diploma or Certificate. We collect personal information for various reasons, such as the following:
• to be able to process your educational indent, including payment of tuition fee transactions
• to provide you to subscribe to an electronic bulletin training
• for sending e-mails in the form of questions and answers between you and your mentor
• for creating an account of your indent for education in our Institute (where you will be given password and pin code number), which is needed for further online use of certain features (and solutions), in regarding to theoretical part of education
• for collecting of data during the process of admission exams, when we send you an e-mail with tests for the certification of Academic points, through which you pass the personalization of your experience.
We keep your personal information in accordance with all the provisions of the positive regulations related to the protection of personal data. You can always request that your personal data be deleted once you provided them to us. We can share your personal data with third parties for the purposes of benefits in your education, for example when your mentor finds that it is needed for the purpose of your education and also other inquiries related to our business (such as accounting). However, on the Internet, one hundred percent security is not guaranteed, so we can not provide or guarantee the total security of the personal information you give us. Like many other sites, we use automated data collection tools such as cookies, embedded web links, and web browsers.