Ayurveda centar Rijeka, 11/2016 foto: Davor Zunic / Fotofaktor.comNamaskar (welcome) all that intuitively feel Ayurveda. Since 1999, the Institute of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine, Ayur Ashram is actively involved in South-Eastern Europe, as the connecting factor for improving the quality of life. Specifically, we will be glad of the person / company that invited us to be carried out without payment of thematic lectures of which is based on people’s awareness of their health:

  • Diabetes and Nutrition
  • Stress and Depression
  • Allergies and Pranayama
  • Pediatrics’ and Gynecology / Tantra and the Kamasutra
  • Postoperative care – after surgery status
  • Migraine and Thyroid disorder status
  • Hormonal and Cancer status

For the first visit to Ayur Ashram you have to book in advance at least 10 days by e-mail: Later, the customer comes to the one-hour therapy based on body condition (vikruti) from Monday to Friday. For a weekend or a week or more weekly program, the customer agreed at the first visit. In determining ayurvedic processes-programs, a key role-plays conversation with the person on the first visit through the process of pulse diagnosis (nadi pariksha).

Programs /processes are adapted to humans according to the climate and the living culture of South-Eastern Europe. Throughout, we will take into account the physical and mental state of the customer and in the implementation of programs we will not use procedures, which would interfere from the right to personal dignity and the inviolability of the physical or mental integrity. Price programs of Ayur Ashram are the cheapest on a global scale or outside the Indian continent: 

  • Nadi Pariksha – overview / advice, 40 €
  • Vata & Pitta & Kapha, program for the balance of the body, 60 €
  • Devanagari & Siddha, anti-stress program, 60 €
  • Maricideva, multiple sclerosis program, 60 €
  • Rasayana, rejuvenating program,  65 €
  • Shiva, weight-loss program for the purpose of good health, 65 €
  • Shakti, gynecological program & urinary program & kamasutra program, 65 €
  • Pancha, diabetes program, 70 €
  • Deva, program for osteoporosis-arthritis-arthrosis, 70 €
  • Panchakarma, programme for detoxification, 80 €