Ayurveda centar Rijeka, 11/2016 foto: Davor Zunic / Fotofaktor.comAyurveda is classified as a complementary form of treatment. This status is obtained from scientific evidence; which they have been carried out to the standard of the school of medicine. In India, studies for masseur, therapist, doctor, also requires a knowledge that covers anatomy, psychology, pharmacology, pathology, and other elements of modern medicine. Institute of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine, Ayur Ashram conducted training for the profession of Ayurveda masseuse / therapist, which is welcome in the working environment, such as:

  • Thermal centers,
  • Spa & Hotels,
  • Massage salons (service providers for body and soul),
  • Tourist offers (health and tourism).

The goal of education is to open the traditional activities in your environment after the end of education. Utmost importance, however, is that the Ayurveda that you offer in your environment is reasonable, quality and the same as throughout the world. This means that the terms and implementation processes are similar / identical, and that the activity is geared to work, which is considered the offense to human physical well-being. It is important that learner has developed the sense of the people and that he is »karmic” developing, as this is the basis for Ayurvedic work. Also learner writes Portfolio (daily rate), which shows the theoretical and practical knowledge and skills acquisition. The completed portfolio deposited in the archives as evidence that the learner – for Ayurveda masseuse / therapist.

Education is divided into “remote”, this means that the learner gets written material for learning theory. A large part of the practice is taught at monitoring the implementation of Ayurvedic mentor’s processes on the patient or customer, as a way of learning offxers more memory and better visual information on the progress of therapeutic work. It is also important that the learner build personal creative growth and achieve inner satisfaction. Education program takes place on weekends (twice a month). The possibility of scheduling via the weeks and includes four educational groups:

  • Traditional techniques rubbing-massage (learning program covers 70% of activity),
  • Yoga physiology (learning program covers 10% of activity),
  • Jyotis spiritual science (learning program covers 10% of activity),
  • Ayurvedic diet (learning program covers 10% of the activity).

The education program consists of 16 blocks for 8 hours, final practice with 50 therapies, and 2 sets at 8 hours of  learning on the preparation of oil and other biological products for rubbing-massaging the whole body with a view to the good health of all three doshas. Academic number of 800 points is worth a diploma masseuse / therapist which the graduate consider entry in India for Panchakarma therapist or for Ayurvedic doctor. For the purposes of NVQ – National Vocational Qualifications in Europe it is worth professional diploma certificate. Education is specifically targeted to the candidates that have good intentions with the development of traditional activities in their environment and they receive a Certificate for an intermediary of Ayur Ashrama.

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