Ayurvedic processes/programs maintain physical and mental condition, the blood and lymph circulation, muscle and nervous system and improves metabolism. Ayurvedic processes are carried out through various traditional techniques of rubbing and massaging medical and herbal oils and other biological substances to the whole body. All components are made of various plant parts: roots, bark, flowers, fruits, leaves, stems, resins,.. Manual processes are carried out synchronously two Ayurvedic masseur – therapist. Complementary process is performed by vaidya – traditional Ayurvedic doctor, depending on the nature and necessity of the current physical condition of the person (vikruti). We don’t discourage to the client the treatment to which it has been recommended by his/her personal physician or specialist.

Abhyanga & Purvakarma
1-abhyangaAbhyanga & Purvakarma is an integral part of rubbing massages. An important role has herbal oils, which are slowly heated and gently rubbing into the body to maintain good physical wellbeing/health. Purvakarma is a process which uses exclusively medical oil and other natural substances. Processes release the energy in the body, while the toxins are moving in the direction of secretory systems (thus vitalizing the whole body). The processes provide new physical energy, while calming the nervous system and strengthen the immune system.
2-gheeGhee – “Royal” complementary process makes a lot of good for the brilliance and beauty of the skin (kanti), increases intellect, promotes longevity, is an aphrodisiac and protects the body from various diseases. The process works specifically for rejuvenation, improves eyesight, ojas (amplifies the vital fluids), cleans the vagina (yoni), cleans sperm (sukra) and relieves vata and pitto dosha (stimulates digestion). The process is very useful for children and the elderly, and it works very cleansing – abhisyandi in the lymphatic circulation.
3-garshanaGarshana is a process which increases the circulation of blood flow to oxygenate the cells, stimulates the removal of accumulated toxins, promotes weight loss and eliminates clogged lymphatic pathways. Garshana is ideal Ayurvedic process for people who often have a kapha disorder. The process is carried out specifically with gloves made of raw silk. For better efficiency the process finishes with a warm-oiling snehana and in some cases the process Swedana is added, in order to encourage more efficient detoxification of cells.
4-hastabhyangaHastabhyanga is a process which balances the pain in hands, neck area, shoulder girdles and other joints in the upper limbs (regulates blood circulation in the area of the upper limb). The process creates rested and light hands and relieves fatigue. Throughout the process itself reduce human stress and tension and restores flexibility of the joints. It extremely helps people who have arthritis and rheumatism. The process also helps people who have difficulty breathing and feel the excitement, have a problem in the jaws and heart problems.
5-nasyaNasya is a process in which medicated oil or vegetable juices are therapeutic entered through the nose, the time how long it stays there, is ordered by the Ayurvedic doctor. Nasya is very effective in various types of headaches, paralysis, mental disorders, premature greying hair, loss of smell and taste, clarity of voice, increases and oxygenated to improve the functioning of the brain (Parkinson’s disease). The process itself achieves a balance of the three doshas and beneficial effect on positive thoughts.
6-namimarmacikicNamimarmacikic is a process that relaxes and eliminates cramps in the abdominal area and balances intestines. Namimarmacikic or abdominal process is primarily intended for people who have vata diseases such as constipation, kidney stones, vomiting, abdominal pain due to gas, disturbances in the spleen, gout and acidification of the body. The process is extremely effective for men who have prostate problems and women with hormonal problems, premenstrual syndrome and menstrual disorders.
7-niroohabastiNiroohabasti “extended healthy life”; This is the process with enema, which passes through the intestinal tract. Nirobasthi is especially good for vata disorders: relieves constipation, eases stenosis rectum, sexual disorders, kidney stones, heart pain, vomiting, neck pain, sciatica, arthritis, rheumatism, disorders of the spleen, gout and acidification of the body. The process is also effective for people with diabetes. Ayurvedic doctor well ponder when and to who is the appropriate process.
8-netratarpanaNetratarpana is the process of “rejuvenation Eyes”, which is implemented specifically medicated with ghee. Before netratarpana it must be carried out the Mukabhyanga process (massage of the head / scalp, face / neck) for better performance of the whole process. The therapy provides deep rest of your eyes and relaxes tense and tired eyes, which are the result of long-term of using the computer, reading, etc. Traditionally, it is used in an eye condition such as bad vision, dry eye, glaucoma, inflammation and stress in the eyes. Reload sunken eyes, smooths wrinkles around them, enhances colour and depth perception, and recovers eye shine.
9-karnapooranaKarnapoorana is a process intended for a condition of the ears. Karnapoorana is a process designed for “swimming ear with warm oils.” Soothing and protective effects on the nervous system. This traditional process is highly recommended for problems such as ringing in the ears, increased quantities of ear wax, affected hearing, and impurities in the ear canal, itching and dry skin in the ear canal, dizziness and pain in the ears, neck and jaw. Indirectly acting on the whole body and improves the functioning of the endocrine glands.
10-kativasthiKativasthi the procedure with rings used in both acute and chronic pain in the back, shoulders, neck and joints. The ring can be already prepared or could be made from a mixture of chickpea flour and placed on a physical place that is being processed. In the ring is poured a specific vegetable oil so that it can penetrate deeper into the tissue and soften hard muscles, ligaments and tendons (approx. 40 minutes). With this process we remove the pain, stiffness and inflammation and it helps with lumbago (lower back pain, sciatica, spondylosis and hernia of intervertebral discs).
11-ksheeradharaKsheeradhara-sarvangadhara is a process which helps with problems with the digestive and musculoskeletal disorders, joint pain, paralysis (hemiplegia). It helps in rheumatic pain, osteoarthritis, paraplegia, nourishes nervous tissues, improves blood circulation and sexual abilities. It strengthens and regenerates the whole body and improves lymphatic circulation and the immune and nervous system. The process also helps those who are suffering from asthma and tuberculosis. Ayurvedic doctor in the process additional orders that should be on the body applied milk, herbal or fruit vinegar.
12-marmaMarma process is carried through the 107 points (nadi), subtle energies throughout the body, which stimulate the circulatory and lymphatic systems. The entire process relaxes and refreshes the body and restores the health of all three doshas. Marma points serve as a bridge between the physical body and its subtler components (energy channels called nadi). In Ayurvedic medicine the marma-point nadi-field are, placed in the house of three pillars of life, known as the three doshas vata-pitta-kapha. According to Sushruta Samhita, the marma is understood as a crossroads or meeting the five organic principles: ligaments, blood vessels, muscles, bones and ligaments.
13-mukabhyangaMukabhyanga is a process that works against headaches, insomnia, various facial neuralgia, liberating tension, strengthens the muscles of the face and maintains tone, supplying oxygen to the cells and feeds them. Mukabhyanga is an ancient form of Ayurvedic massage of the head in order to achieve “eternal youth” and improve general well-being. The process is carried out via-head / scalp to the face and finally the neck and shoulders, for the purpose of relieving stress and re-balance the whole body.
14-patraswedaPatrasweda process is carried out with pandas (in a piece of fabric is wrapped herb and medical adding oil or medical rice, if necessary, also cooked with Elakizhi – medicinal drugs). Process a mixture of herbal leaves is prepared according to the symptoms and problems in person. The process is carried out for problems with rheumatism, arthritis, sore muscles, pain in the spine and joints (sick / tired joints, swollen joints). For better effect of the whole process, it is also carried out the traditional massage – Abhyanga with warm oils.
15-padabhyangaPadabhyanga is a process which balances leg pain, menstrual problems in women, helps with poor circulation and cardiovascular problems. Special Ayurvedic technique – stambhana – compressing process is an extremely important part in the process Padabhyanga. The therapy is intended for people who have problems with arteries, gangrene, rapid weight loss, joint problems, and osteoporosis are physically exhausted, under stress / depression or have irregular eating habits (obesity).
16-pindaswedaPindasweda the process with warm wraps filled with herbs / spices and is intended for problems related to muscle spasms and tension. It is one of the popular Ayurvedic rejuvenation processes for the body. The process is intended for the treatment of anaemia, disorders of the nervous system, chronic rheumatism, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, muscle atrophy. It improves the condition of insomnia, excessive pressure in the arteries, diabetes and persistent skin diseases. The process is extremely welcome for the human senses.
Pindaswedana shashtika
17-pindaswedana-shashtikaPindaswedana shashtika is a process intended to improve blood and lymphatic circulation, accelerate tissue regeneration, and stimulates the central and peripheral nervous system. The process is designed for all ages to improve digestion, the nervous system, and arthritis. The process is performed by applying a warm wraps of medical rice boiled in milk with herbs. Extraordinary effects on people who suffer from insomnia, excessive pressure in the arteries and other problems caused by the aging process.
18-shirodharaShirodhara process is determined by the state of the client and it is carried out in a field of sensory experience – the centre of forehead with tailadhara medical oil or dugdhara milk or takradhara whey. Processes are intended for headache, insomnia, depression-neurological disorders, nervousness, memory loss, Parkinson’s disease, heart disease, vegetative nervous system disorders. Shirodhara process, as well as Swedana herbal steam bath in the traditional medicine has a great importance for all Ayurvedic programs.
19-shirovasthiShirovasthi process is directed on the head, face and central nervous system conditions such as: facial paralysis, headache and migraine, insomnia, dry mouth and nose, loss of memory and mental illness. Sirovasthi process is oiling the head and maintaining the oil on the head with the help of a hat made of leather (bags) in the form of a tube. The process is carried out specifically in the context of Panchakarma program, preceded by the patient’s body is cleansed with emetic process. The process also benefits for the green and gray cataract in the eye.
Sodhana & Pranayama
20-sodhanaSodhana & Pranayama is a process that involves breathing exercises combined with feeding drops through nose and ears, for the cleaning of channels for calming the nervous system. The process itself beneficial effect on brain function. The process for the purpose of cleaning the energy channels (nadisodhana) is a simple technique which has a beneficial effect on the body, mind and spirit. The process is important for people who have “a lot of work and pressures” on the life paths and in daily contact with fear, stress, are emotionally unstable and have trouble sleeping.
21-swedanaSwedana is the steam herbal bath, which activates the metabolism so that the toxic substances are released more quickly through the blood and are better quality removed from the body. This method gives person energy and at the same time stables the mental state. It is the incentive process for the cleaning of the lymph channels, improves circulation, the nervous system, arthritis and cellulite. The process helps to restore the natural state of unstable doshas. According to the doctor’s therapeutic plan for the patient before using herbal steam bath or after it must be done Abghyanga or Marma process.
Studio Kiva PhotographyUdvartana is a process that balances the pain in the back and upper limbs, it has the particularly impact on the wellbeing of the whole body, has a calming effect on the mind and emotions, revives blood circulation and effectively cleans lymph channels. Udvartana is an extremely efficient process for people who have problems with water retention in the body, improves digestion, sleep, nervous system and improves the condition of arthritis. This rubbing traditional massage process is carried out with finely ground Ayurvedic herbs which are blended with precious Ayurvedic oils.
23-uttara-basthiUttara-basthi is the procedure for problems such as arthritis, gout, muscle disorders, osteoporosis, paralysis, and lower back pain, difficulty with intestinal and menstrual problems. It reduces weight in obese humans and slows down the aging process. Uttara-basthi is a process whereby the medical fluid is introduced through the urethra in males or the vagina in women. The process is carried out specifically in the context of Panchakarma program or, if necessary, as part of a gynaecological program, due to diseases of the reproductive and infertility.
24-vamanaVamana is vomiting-emetic process that balances and helps in chronic colds, bronchial asthma, arthritis and certain skin conditions. The process is extremely effective for kapha dosha: cough, asthma, intoxication, frequent angina and tuberculosis, and in people with digestive problems and diabetes. The process is dictated by the Ayurvedic doctor, depending on the condition of the client, this could also receive a special nutrition program as part of Panchakarma program. Clinical tests have shown that the vamana process is also effective in the treatment of depressive disorders.
25-virechanaVirechana is a process that is intended to achieve the elimination of toxins from the blood, livers, and intestines. Virechana or herbal cleansing process helps the difficulties of the gallbladder, livers, jaundice, constipation, swelling, headache, skin diseases, fistulae, haemorrhoids, intestinal parasites, herpes, and anaemia. The process is carried out exclusively in the context of Panchakarma program. The process determined Ayurvedic doctor, according to the state of client. Virechana process is painless and is easiest method in traditional medicine.
Vyayaama & Yoga
26-vyayaama-yogaVyayaama & Yoga is primarily intended for people who suffer from obesity, digestive problems, and diabetes. The process is extremely effective for preserving the energy of the heart and lungs. The process itself requires physical fitness and thereby man receives-discovers his higher self-power through the essence of existence-life (getting knowledge about the projection of energy from the universe, which circulates in the body and outside). Physical exercises-asanas, as well as various breathing techniques-pranayama and meditation retreats gives every-body the improvement of physical and spiritual health.