Ayurveda centar Rijeka, 11/2016 foto: Davor Zunic / Fotofaktor.comAccording to the program the customer enjoys cuisine that is permeated with the aroma of spices from India. Welcome also the customer on cooking workshop or. guidelines which are dictated by Ayurveda mission. Preparing food is very healthy and attractive because of its taste, flavours, texture, colour and spice. Ayurveda food should not be misunderstood as a sharp spicy food. Spice mixtures and ratios must be prepared to respond to the physical and mental constitution of the person (including a western education).

Ayurveda has conceived its nutritional science, where the most important effect produced by the six races (flavours): bitter, sweet, bitter, spicy, sour, sharp. Even if they are six of races, but there is multi-faceted combination. Each food contains a certain type of gunas or qualities (gunas virtues gunas passion and gunas ignorance). Certain foods are guru (heavy), while the other laghu (light), it can be shita virya (creates cooling the body after eating) or ushna virya (creates warmth as the final result).

So, every food consists, in addition to their race, also from the five elements and it is important for a person to consult of the food premise in Vaidya for the diet program after its constitution-vikruti. If you know the status (doshas) of our constitution, then it is easier to choose-enjoy a proper diet. In the selection of food, it is necessary to take into account the seasons. Let us not forget that it is important for the health of yoga and breathing exercises / pranayama, as well as an understanding of spiritual practices that generate compliance and happiness.

To create a balance of physical condition is very important to use ghee (purified butter from cow’s milk). Ghee increases jatharagni (digestive fire) and improves the absorption and assimilation in the digestive tract. Ghee maintains ojas (the essence of all bodily tissues) – ojas strengthens the brain and nervous system, improves memory, lubricates the connective tissue and keeps the body agile. Spices are a good way of balancing the food and fall to the general guidelines for all three doshas and well-being affect humans.

From the very beginning of its existence, man has used food as medicine /survival. Food in Ayurveda medicine is the primary preventive medicine. With the right combination and quantity of food and certain parts of the day when the food we eat can maintain internal equilibrium of all three doshas or fix the imbalance which has occurred due to the period in which we were eating unhealthy. In the most difficult situations the clients are advised to fast of which he is well informed and focused of the program of fasting.