A person accepts the right and the responsibility to control their own health. Persons working in ayurvedic medicine must enter with a lot of love by the light in the heart and soul of the patient / client and to guide it to active a way of changing lifestyle habits that enhances the physical, mental, spiritual health. Every human life must be understood in the way, as a process:

  • Socialization (parents, birth, environment),
  • Intellectualization (ability to understand ourselves and the world around them),
  • Culturing (acceptance of cultures present and past generations),
  • Humanization (honesty, peacefulness, communication, selfless assistance).

Sāmkhya in Hinduism is the oldest philosophical education school / energy, which divides the space into two realities:/ purusha (soul – consciousness) and prakriti (nature of man). Sāmkhya is an indicator of the soul of man, resulting from either – the correct inference, or genetic codes that affect the mind (and, consequently, the way of life).

Ayur Ashram through the Seva program (volunteering) implements out free therapies, which derives from the philosophy purusha which means selfless act, and be used for a higher purpose. Free treatment is carried out for persons who are in financial distress upon the recommendation of the customers and student-therapists of Ayur Ashram, which they know that such assistance needed.

In Ayur Ahramu we stand with the Seva program of a way of acquiring a deeper understanding of health. For this purpose, we invite additional experts in the field of physiotherapy, psychology and other fields, which are close to Ayurveda. Even a person who has benefited from the Seva therapy can help to the community Ayur Ashram with their knowledge – skill.