Ayurveda centar Rijeka, 11/2016 foto: Davor Zunic / Fotofaktor.com

In Ayurveda it is fortunate that a man constantly maintain and enhance physical, mental and spiritual health. Happiness is not outside of us, the state of bliss lives in us. Peace is necessary for happiness and especially health, which is the foundation of a good life. Ayurvedic tantric interpretation of a happy and healthy life of humans resulting from the thoughts and daily work and attitude towards themselves and others.

A person with his good intentions transmitts (prosperity and thoughts), which he can then returns infinitely more. When a person follows dharma divine order and Purusha felt by the heart, then he serves life. Follow your dharma through the project Purusha that we help children / families from the environment where they are not well-being for the purchase of school supplies. Welcome yours well-being for children’s barrel of happiness, where you can also submit your used items: pencils, crayons, markers, pen, compass, ruler, scissors, pencil sharpener, eraser,..

Raise awareness even to the others, they can also help recharge the children’s of barrel happiness, which we are going to place to the educational establishments or children / families in South Eastern Europe and Asia (in the environments where operates Ayur Ashram). A children’s barell of happiness is largely full of your Purusha (consciousness energy), you feel in your heart is filing in/at:

  • Ayur Ashram (also in other units of Ayur Ashram),
  • Your area (contact us on the e-mail: info@ayur-ashram.in, so we can write down the address for this courageous purpose),
  • Your address (which, you send it by e-mail: info@ayur-ashram.in, so we can deliver / drive the barrel).

In collecting of the school supplies welcome also the donors, which can financially support the project Purusha. Financial assets are primarily intended for air transport / delivery the barrels to Asia. Donation is largely dependent on individuals or organizations, who can and want to help others with problems. Also you who are reading this can be a donator and you can raise awareness to the others you know, that could help.